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The Cava is culture

2020 last call: new year poem

2020 has been a year to forget or maybe to remember, it all depends on how you look at it: we are the post-covid era, future is a kind of blank sheet and [[[ of course ]]] we must keep playing. Social, economic and existential dilemmas proliferate like never before, and if we asked person […]

Cava Guilera begins a new era…

In May 2020 we reactivated the Cava Guilera Blog. We did not update it for a while but the exceptionality of the moment made us realise that it was essential to communicate and reconnect. During these months we have talked about vineyards, new cavas and prestigious awards. And meanwhile, we have flown a little bit, […]

Vinari Awards 2020: Red Xarel·la is Silver!

Last Friday 9th of October we attended to the 8th edition of the Vinari Awards 2020, the annual catalan wines festival. The event was held at the auditorium from Vilafranca del Penedès: 850 references and 240 wineries were presented and we were part of the list of winners… again! The Guilera Red Xarel·la won a […]

Cargowine: Wines Giving Promotion USA

Thanksgiving is upon us and we thought that you may live in the United States [[[ or maybe ]]] you have some family or friends living there? If so, please listen to our proposal: From October 10 to 25, take advantage of the special transport discounts offered by Cargowine!   WINES GIVING PROMOTION BY CARGOWINE […]

Vineyard notes: Harvest 2020 by Pere Guilera

It has been an extremely difficult year, also in the vineyard, which has suffered a virulent mildew attack. With the years I have [[[ 71 ]]] I have probably seen two or three years like this. Organic winemakers such us have suffered a lot because the losses have been very high: In the region of […]

Guilera 1927 – 2020: If we were a cava…

XAREL·LO Pere Guilera is the vine man and the musivari harmony. But what about the wonder trio? If we were a cava, Jordi would be the xarel·lo grape, Miguel the yeasts and I would be the sugar. Xarel·lo is resistant, acid and sublime: When everything in the vineyard is twisted, it survives. In the cellar […]

New cava trilogy: Guilera Reserva!

New Cava Trilogy Guilera Reserva and flying poetry with Marta Guilera. We have created a new line of cavas reserva. They are more refreshing and adapted to the new times. If you feel curious, you can get them in our ecommerce, winery shop and wine shops. Enjoy the summer and many thanks!   CAVA TRILOGY […]

Cava Festival: Saint John and Santa Joan

Cava Guilera in the fridge and flying poetry with Marta Guilera. At Cava Guilera we always say that we want to take cava off its pedestal and socialize with it. Because we think that good things should be close to people and because we like celebrating the little moments of everyday life! Of course, without […]

Vineyard notes: The spring of cava 2020

Vineyard notes by Pere Guilera and flying poetry by Marta Guilera. The translation is not ready yet. Coming soon, promised!   VINEYARD NOTES Vinyes amb un gran creixement, paisatge verd, vegetació ufanosa i primavera excel·lent. Estem en període de floració i necessitem dies assolellats i ventilats perquè el quallat del raïm sigui bo, especialment el […]

Vinari Awards 2019: Green Xarel·la is Gold!

/// Awards /// Gold and silver medal for our Guilera [green] Xarel·la 2012 and another bronze for our Guilera Agosarat 2006 _._ We are absolutely delighted. We have crowned the category that rewards the long aging sparkling [minimum 50 months aging on the lees] for the second consecutive year! We are very impressed… Last year […]