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The Cava is culture

Vinari Awards: Best sparkling 2018!!!

/// Awards /// 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal in the Vinari Awards 2018 _._ We have some incredible news: Last Friday 5th of October we obtained four Vinari Awards, three golds for the Guilera Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2009 and one bronze for the Guilera Agosarat 2006. The Vinari Awards are the most […]

Welcome Party #welcomexarella!

/// Guilera 1927 /// Guilera Xarel·la is presented in Barcelona _._ Have a look! Last Thursday 27th of September we presented our Guilera Xarel·la at Vilateral Communication, a coworking space and a cave by the mediterranean sea. We were accompanied by three exceptional women: Anna Vicens [president of the Catalan Association of Sommeliers ACS], Patrícia […]

Do you know our new Guilera Xarel·la?

/// Guilera 1927 /// New monovarietals 100% xarel·lo from Cava Guilera _._ Guilera Xarel·la is a cava tribute to women and xarel·lo: 2018 has been the year of women and we have feminized our most important grape [xarel·lo] to celebrate it. Xarel·lo is a 100% sustainable dry grape, exclusive from Penedès and ideal to make […]

Fotografia obtinguda durant la verema 2018. Hi ha un remolc ple de raÔm xarel∑lo i una amantis perfectament col∑locada en primer pla.

Vintage notes 2018 at Cava Guilera

/// Guilera 1927 /// We save all the crop from the strong mildew _._ This 2018 it has been raining a lot! In Lavern Subirats we have already registered 800 l/m2 when the average is about 500 – 550 liters per year. This abundance has helped the vineyard to recover from the last two years […]

el nou equip de Cava Guilera, posant al costat díuna escultura de fusta i ferro de Juancho Pacheco. Estan al costat del celler, gaudint del sol i líentorn de vinyes. Díesquerra a dreta apareixen: Jordi Guilera ñ Marta Guilera ñ Pere Guilera ñ Miguel Hileno.

Guilera: 90th anniversary & new managment team

/// Guilera 1927 /// Pere Guilera, Jordi Guilera, Miguel Hileno and Marta Guilera _._ In 2017 we celebrated the 90th anniversary of Cava Guilera with the launchment of our cava tribute [Guilera AGOSARAT 2005]. One year later we celebrate that Jordi Guilera has decided to come back home and take over the reins of the […]