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Cava Guilera

Pere and María
Original Guilera Artigas label
Cava Guilera when it began.

from 1927

Old photo pending description

Isidre Guilera and Maria Sardà: Isidre Guilera made the first Cava Guilera bottles in 1927, when Maria Sardà and himself worked as farmers at Can Batlle. He was a self-taught man and made just a few bottles in secret. Three years later, Isidre and Maria bought the Ca l’Artigas farmhouse and became the owners. A very risky move indeed but one that proved to be a success, as in 2017 – 2018 we celebrated our 90th Anniversary.

Pere and María

Pere Guilera and Maria Massana: Pere and Maria continued the family project. They rebuilt the cellar, bought new machines for cava making, grew cereal crops and worked the farm. They had two children, Pere and Assumpció. Pere studied Technical Agricultural Engineering and, in 1985, he became the cellar manager. Under his management, Cava Guilera established itself as a small family-run cellar specialised in traditionally made premium cava.


Pere Guilera and Núria Rafecas: For more than 30 years, Pere devoted himself to the cellar, and with a drive to leave the Penedès in a better way than he had actually found it, he took high-responsibility positions in several institutions like Consejo Regulador del Cava, Institut del Cava, Pimecava, Aecava, Subirats Toursim Board and CEPvi, which is the main organization at the Congress of Art, Wine Landscape and Wine Tourism.

Original Guilera Artigas label

Jordi Guilera, Marta Guilera and Miguel Hileno: In January 2018 Pere assumed the presidency of Cava Guilera and assigned the executive management to his two children, Jordi and Marta. It is a change of cycle with a profile towards continuity, as Cava Guilera will continue with the tradition of long-aged cavas and sustainable cultural tourism. Consumption is a brush that exemplifies tomorrow’s society. Have a taste of us!

  • Pere Guilera: president and owner of Cava Guilera
  • Jordi Guilera: director and responsible for production & commersialisation
  • Marta Guilera: shopkeeper and responsible for storytelling & welcoming
  • Miguel Hileno: representative and responsible for communication & wine tourism

Cava Guilera when it began.


This is the Penedès DNA and the soul of our cavas: Dry-land vineyards, 100% sustainable and close to the Mediterranean sea. We always have Xarel·lo as the backbone, well-accompanied by Macabeu and with a touch of Parellada. In Cava Guilera we like our cavas to reflect the history of our vineyards when the grape is maturing. Sun, rain, land and wind… every crop is different and we want to highlight each of the characteristics of every vintage. For this reason, we don’t age our wines in wooden barrels: only the grape and aging on its lees.

At Cava Guilera we strongly believe that cava needs time to become a Great Cava. We make a small quantity of only 30,000 bottles per year and all our cavas are aged on its lees for a minimum of 24 months for up to 13 years. All our cavas [[[ Reserva and Gran Reserva ]]] are graceful, harmonious and elegant. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes on the palate and with fruit-driven flavours that grow in intensity with the passing of the years. They are extremely gastronomic and versatile, enjoy them by the glass or with your meals.

Pere Guilera

wine tourism among vineyards

Group photo of Cava Guilera team

Mediterranean Sea [[[ THE PENEDÈS ]]] Mountain of Montserrat. These are the paradise coordinates for winelovers and cavalovers. Penedès is a mosaic of vineyards, forests, streams, small towns and villages. A land where people passed through and that was established by the first villages in the Mediterranean. A multi-coloured collage of blues, greens, golden and toasted colours that must be handled with reasoning, communication and great sensibility.

Wine tourism in the Penedès was born with the goal of balancing the economic development and the conservation of our landscape. Then, a question was asked: If economy and landscape can go together, hand in hand, why was there confrontation? We have the history, the heritage, the gastronomy and the landscape. We have great wines and cavas. We just need to organise and collaborate with one another. More wine bars, more cava by the glass, more nights among the vineyards and more knowing smiles.

In Cava Guilera we back a model of cultural tourism, integrated, imaginative and sustainable. A tourism that helps to distribute wealth and to show that another type of tourism is possible. To always defend and safeguard the free flow of everyday life and the pleasure of living here, so those who come to visit us can enjoy authentic experiences and with great added value. Welcome to Penedès: our home, land of great cavas, fantastic landscapes and exceptional wines.