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2020 last call: new year poem

2020 has been a year to forget or maybe to remember, it all depends on how you look at it: we are the post-covid era, future is a kind of blank sheet and [[[ of course ]]] we must keep playing. Social, economic and existential dilemmas proliferate like never before, and if we asked person by person, we would see that each of us has forged a new narrative.

At Cava Guilera the covid caught us about to start the bottling: we had the cellar full of empty bottles and we didn’t know if we could count on the rest of the essential suppliers. In the vineyard we have also suffered like never before: an absolutely devastating mildew attack has resulted in losses of up to 50%. And when it comes to wine tourism, the mainstay of the winery, we have punctured loudly: due to the restricted mobility and the reforms we have had to make.

Booksellers have Saint George’s Day and cava-makers have Christmas. At Cava Guilera we have been striving for years to cultivate and socialise cava. However, cava is still a very seasonal product and the Christmas campaign will decide the balance of the year. As we say in Cava Guilera: Consumption is a brush that exemplifies tomorrow’s society. Make a taste of us!



Thanks and Merry Christmas!

[[[ Pere ··· Jordi ··· Miguel ··· Marta ]]]




I didn’t choose it and yes,
everything is very rare…
It is like living History, LIVE!

As we investigate,
observe and reflect.
Scientists & health professionals
SPECIALLY [[[ and also ]]]
Persons from the crowd.

Pain is a tireless postman
and it will not stop until we stop.

Stop to listen
Listen to resolve
Resolve to release
Release to breathe
Breathe to love
Love to connect

Cheer up!

for all those who
suffer STRONG
and proactive empathy
for all those who


The 1 of 2021


Let’s water ourselves everyday & hope we can daily feel the sun.
Photosyntesis is coming… Happy New Year Day!

/ martaGR80 /