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Vineyard: the vine man and the art of pruning

With the art of pruning we shape the vine plant: in order to work comfortably and so that the grapes ripen caressed by the wind and the sun. It also serves to regulate production: in Cava Guilera we are protected by the D.O. Cava and our vineyards are destined to make Superior Guard cavas. The Superior Guard cavas [Reserva, Gran Reserva and Paraje Calificado] express the maximum quality of cava and the production is limited to 10.000 kg/Ha.

The rainfall of 2020 has been generous, the vineyard has nice water reserves and the winter cold is good for the rest of the vineyard. The climate is different every year and we like it! Because this singularity marks the character of our long aging cavas. In Cava Guilera we never irrigate the vineyards, which are dry and therefore 100% sustainable. Nature marks the climate and the nuances of each vinatge as well.

After pruning we will cut the old shoots and use them as fertilizer for the soil. Then we will plow, to aerate the soil, and we will leave the vineyard ready for the new vegetation cycle to begin. The new cycle will start in mid-March with the weeping of the vineyard. The vine weeping indicates that the vine has awakened from the winter lethargy: the sap begins to flow again and cries through the wounds caused by the pruning. It is an extraodinary moment.

These days we are pruning a vineyard of xarel·lo which is over 70 years old. Pruning a vineyard with so much history is a pleasure: large vines, twisted and with a lot of personality. They have seen droughts, hail, mildew… but they are still there, impassive. They are less productive but of high quality and must be preserved. They have been planted by our grandparents and are the story and life of different generations. It is good to connect youth with old age.