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Vineyard notes: Harvest 2020 by Pere Guilera

It has been an extremely difficult year, also in the vineyard, which has suffered a virulent mildew attack. With the years I have [[[ 71 ]]] I have probably seen two or three years like this. Organic winemakers such us have suffered a lot because the losses have been very high: In the region of cava in the Penedès, we can talk about an average of 50% to reach 100% on some farms. However, if it had to happen, better this year… With the drop in sales for the covid-19 and the stocks of previous years, production has been naturally regulated.

Maturation has arrived pretty soon due to warm days, cool nights and good thermal differential. The quality of the crop has been really nice: proper grade, high – perfect acidity and unbeatable health. All this has been motivated by the dry and ventilated weather of July and August: The low humidity and the relatively cool nights have favored an excellent ripening. Moreover, the grapes affected by the mildew have dried completely and have not given unpleasant flavours to the must.

By September 10 we had already finished harvesting all the white varieties. We were lucky! Because we registered a powerful storm with strong wind and hailstones that discharged 36l / m2 in thirty minutes. In 2020 the rainfall has been very high: 628l / m2 until September 15; when the annual average is about 500 – 550l / m2. The greatness of viticulture is that no year is the same; neither quantities nor quality. At Cava Guilera we face the end of 2020 with wishful thinking. We will live together with the uncertainty of our times and we will try to be clever…

To read the future correctly, to face it calmly and not to forget that crises are [[[ also ]]] an opportunity. Now more than ever, the time to cooperate has come.