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Cava Festival: Saint John and Santa Joan

Cava Guilera in the fridge and flying poetry with Marta Guilera. At Cava Guilera we always say that we want to take cava off its pedestal and socialize with it. Because we think that good things should be close to people and because we like celebrating the little moments of everyday life! Of course, without giving up the big occasions! That is why we have prepared a quick guide…




If you want an informal and cheerful cava…
Guilera Brut Rosé Reserva 2017
Our rosé cava will guarantee your success! Lots of red berry fruit aromas and flavours and a super nice and joyful colour! We know that the pairing is very personal… but this cava is fantastic with the appetiser, dessert and a casual meal as well.

If you want a refreshing and crispy cava…
Guilera Brut Nature / Brut / Semi Seco Reserva 2017
These cavas are new, we have not made the official presentation, yet. Choose your ideal sugar touch! If you want it dry, grab the brut nature cava. If you prefer it kinder and rounder, then take the brut. And if you are sweety, taste our semi seco cava.

If you want a funny and fruity cava…
Guilera Red Xarel·la 2014
Ideal with an stylish appetiser and it can handle a meal, too! With this cava we were looking for a fine and consistent Gran Reserva [[[ but ]]] we wanted it to be kind and pleasant at the same time. It is our most sociable xarel·la, with a touch of sugar that will bring out thousand joys.

If you want a smart and versatile cava…
Guilera Green Xarel·la 2012
By the glass, with the appetiser and dinner. And if you are eating fish or seafood… OMG!!! Best sparkling from old vintages at the Vinari Awards 2019, this 100% xarel·lo cava is [[[ without a doubt ]]] a good choice. It represents the essence of xarel·lo grape perfectly!

If you want a gastronomic and vibrant cava…
Guilera Brut Nature / Brut Gran Reserva 2010
An all terrain cava that combines with all types of gastronomy! Ripe fruit, toasted and long aftertaste. It is the first Gran Reserva cava we made, a sincere thank you for your loyalty and a great value for money. It’s a safe bet, mind me. You can choose among Brut Nature GR or Brut GR.

If you want a harmonious and delicate cava…
Guilera Musivari 2007
The silk that will bind the whole dinner… Too bad we have to wake up in the end! Here we start with the special category of the Great Vintages: Exceptional crops with exceptional evolutions, which turn into exceptional gastronomic experiences. If you have been eager to cook and have worked hard to prepare an special dinner, congratulate yourself with this 12-year-old Gran Reserva cava. It’s our flagship cava and my dad’s favorite cava; a sybaritic grower, without frills and very demanding! Also available in magnum 150cl format: Highly recommended. It is an expression of the highest quality and it is absolutely ideal for the great occasions.

If you want a deep and sherry cava…
Guilera Agosarat 2006
IT IS HONEY. I always think that with this cava I show myself… Because while it is true that I like all of our cavas, I don’t just like this Guilera Agosarat 2006. I know you may think I am crazy, but this cava makes me feel wrapped, cared for and loved. Maybe for the long aging and the voluptuous sensation that floods my mouth, but I can not avoid falling in love once every time! Ideal with tasty and powerful meals and retreat moments as well. Also available in magnum 150cl format: Highly recommended. It is an expression of the highest quality and it is absolutely ideal for the great occasions.



Versatile as cava: Special Edition Saint John and Santa Joan. You can come to our winery shop or you can also place your cava order in our ecommerce!




A casa som més de Sant Pere. Perquè el meu pare es diu Pere i el meu avi també s’ho deia, perquè ens reunim tota la familiada al voltant d’una taula ben llarga i perquè és la Festa Major de Lavern!!! El poble que ens va acollir, el 1930, gràcies al moment big bang de la meva rebesàvia. Penso que va ser una visionària, doncs diuen que ella va proposar comprar la masia on som ara. Érem masovers… fins que ens vam convertir en propietaris.

Tot això passava fa 90 anys. I 440 anys abans [[[ el 1490 ]]] naixia el nostre Tirant lo Blanc. Tirant lo Blanc és una novel·la de cavalleria atípica, escrita pel també cavaller i escriptor valencià Joanot Martorell. Ha transcendit com una de les grans noveles europees de tots els temps i aporta una visió del cavaller – heroi, diferent. Grandiloqüent i vulnerable, amant respectuós i ardent… un home – cavaller humà, simplement.

Tots som fràgils i bells. I penso que potser és aquesta mateixa fragilitat que intentem amagar i defugir, qui ens fa tan i tan bells… Últimament sento que sento més profundament; potser perquè n’acabo de fer 40 i ja tinc un passat! I potser [[[ també ]]] pel temps de confinament. Sigui com sigui, la cosa és que em sento embolcallada pel principi dels temps: Allò intangible no mor. La cultura perdura i ens cuida. La incertesa és un full en blanc.



Manel – Els guapos són els raros [[[ 2008 ]]]

Gerard Quintana – Caic [[[ 2004 ]]]