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Collage artístico con etiquetas de Cava Guilera. Efecto difuminado y estallido de colores mediterráneos.

Slow Life Cava: The best cava is the one you enjoy the most!

At Cava Guilera we belive that cava needs time to become a great cava. For this reason we only produce long aging cavas: Reserva and Gran Reserva. All our cavas are all graceful, harmonious, smart and versatile. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes on the palate and fruit-driven flavours that grow in intensity with the aging.


Lineal de botellas de Cava Guilera. Etiquetas disruptivas: artísticas y coloristas.



Types of cava: sugar, aging, grapes and versatility.

Which is the best cava? It depends. At Cava Guilera we believe that the best cava is the one you enjoy the most. Do you like it refreshing, toasted, fruity, sherry-flavoured? Cava is a kind of Neverending Story… let your imagination fly and enjoy : ] Next we are going to share some ideas so that you can locate yourself and discover which cava you like the most.


Cava and sugar: Do you like it dry, kind or sweet?

  • Cava Brut Nature: the driest cava, with no sugar added.
  • Cava Brut: the friendliest cava, with a subtle touch of sugar.
  • Cava Semi Seco: the sweetest cava, ideal for sugary palates.


Cava and aging: Do you like it fresh or full-bodied?

Cava Reserva

  • Fresh fruit and fine bubbles.
  • Tasty, refreshing and funny cava.
  • Our reserva cavas are aged on their lees for 24 – 36 months.
  • The minimum aging established by the DO Cava for the reserva cavas is 18 months.

Cava Gran Reserva

  • Mature fruit and super fine and delicated bubbles.
  • Elegant and gastronomic cavas, richness in nuances.
  • Our Gran Reserva cavas are aged on its lees for 60 – 170 months.
  • La minimum aging established by the DO Cava for the Gran Reserva cavas is 30 months.


Cava and grapes: How do cava grapes taste?

Traditional blend for cava

  • Combination of 3 white grapes: xarel·lo, macabeu and parellada.
  • A reserva cava with a tradicional blend will give us citrus and fresh fruit.
  • A Gran Reserva cava will give us creaminess, mature fruit and tostasted flavours.

Monovarietal 100% xarel·lo

  • These are our most versatile cavas.
  • They have the elegance of a Gran Reserva cava.
  • And the freshness of the xarel·lo grape, which has a high acidity.

Rosé cava

  • Combination of two red grapes: grenache and pinot noir.
  • The pinot noir is intense and fine and grenache gives smoothness.
  • Together they create an explosion of red berry fruit, refreshing and tempting.


Botella de Cava Guilera Rosado con el faro de la etiqueta iluminado por el sol.    Detalle botellas Cava Guilera Reserva: brut nature, brut y semiseco. Etiquetas artísticas con ilustración blanco y negro.    Detalle botellas Cava Guilera Xarella: Roja y Verde. Etiquetas modernas y coloristas con la ilustración Ninfa del Cava.


Cava and versatility: the perfect cava for every occasion

Breakfast with cava

  • Rosé cava with chocolate and fresh fruit.
  • Semi Seco cava with delicatessen pastries.

Cava by the glass & appetiser

  • A refreshing reserva cava: white or rosé.
  • Our fabulous xarel·las: red or green.

Eat with cava

  • Any Gran Reserva cava, they pair with everything.
  • We prefer that tou make your own combinations.

However, we can give you some suggestions…

  • Cava Guilera Red Xarel·la with smooth flavours.
  • Cava Guilera Green Xarel·la with cheese and seafood.
  • Cava Guilera Brut Nature Gran Reserva with everything.
  • Cava Guilera Musivari with delicatessen meals.
  • Cava Guilera AGOSARAT with powerful flavours.
  • Cava Guilera Magnum for the most special occasions.

Dessert with cava

  • Rosé cava for a lively and happy ending.
  • Semi seco cava for a warm and sweet ending. 


Detalle botellas Cava Guilera Gran Reserva: brut nature y brut. Etiquetas semicirculares de color amarillo intenso.    Detalle botellas Cava Guilera Grandes Cosechas. Etiqueta Musivari con mosaico minimalista. Etiqueta Agosarat con bigbang plateado sobre fondo salmón. Ambas con braille inclusivo Zekogram.


Cava Guilera Rosé

It is our most cheerful and tempting cava, with lots of red berry fruit and a fine bubble that explodes sweetly in the mouth. Ideal by the glass, with the appetiser, an informal meal [pasta, pizza, barbecue] and of course, desserts! Nice chromatic pairings: prawns, tuna & salmon.

Cava Guilera Reserva

It is the new Reserva cava trilogy. Our youngest white cava, with a traditional blend of xarel·lo, macabeu and parellada and a minimum of two years aging in the bottle, with the lees. It is a fine cava, with clean aromas and fresh fruit flavours. In the mouth: the Guilera Brut Nature Reserva is refreshing and fizzy, the Guilera Brut Reserva is kind and round and the Guilera Semi Seco Reserva is sweet and balanced. Ideal with the toast and appetiser moment, to bring an ear-to-ear grin : ] and Semi Seco is also great with the dessert.

Cava Guilera Red Xarel·la

Monovarietal cava 100% xarel·lo. Fresh, fruity, casual and fancy. Fine and funny bubbles, peachy aromas and flavours and smooth and surrounding body. It is a super Gran Reserva cava: versatile, gastronomic and smiling : ] always ready to share a beautiful time! Ideal by the glass in a sunny terrace. Great to pamper meals and friends. The Guilera Red Xarel·la is always tempting and warm.

Cava Guilera Green Xarel·la

Monovarietal cava 100% xarel·lo. Fresh, fruity and smart. Fine and delicate bubbles, green apple and citrus aromas and flavours, long finish and a bitter touch in the end. Whether you like it or not, this Gran Reserva cava represents the essence of the xarel·lo grape! Absolutely gastronomic and versatile, you can enjoy it by the glass, with the appetiser or a gourmet meal. Ideal with fish and seafood : ]

Cava Guilera Gran Reserva

It is the first Gran Reserva cava we made. Fine and integrated bubbles, ripe and toasted fruit, body and long aftertaste. We like presenting this Gran Reserva cava as an all-terrain sparkling wine: for its unbeatable relation quality – price and because it combines practically with everything: baked fish, red meat, roasted vegetables, rice and paellas, traditional and creative cuisine … It is an elegant cava, serious and easy to understand. A Classic! And it is well known that classics have a special halo and never die : ]

Cava Guilera Musivari

It is our flagship cava : ] made with a selection of the very best vintages. The highlight of this cava is the absolute harmony and freshness after the long aging process: mature fruit, toasted and smoked flavours, slowly disclosed nuances, warm creaminess and long aftertaste. Extremely smooth and silky, this Gran Reserva cava is like a caress on the palate. It pairs with all types of gastronomy, specially delicate and tasty meals. Take your time to enjoy it!

Cava Guilera AGOSARAT

It is our most daring cava and we created it in order to explore the limits of cava: velvet acidity, mature fruit, smokiness, toasty notes and increasing sherry hints. It is an extreme Gran Reserva cava: corpulent, orchestral and bold. Ideal with powerful flavours, deep conversations and retreat moments. This cava needs time : ]


Pere Guilera junto sus hijos Jordi y Marta, entre viñedos.    Bodega Cava Guilera entre viñedos dorados de otoño del Penedès.    Tren renfe estación Lavern Subirats. Cartel renfe con cielo nublado de fondo.


Buy cava sparkling wine from Penedès: winery shop and international wine shipping


Buy long aging cava online

  • All our long aging cavas available: Reserva and Gran Reserva
  • Packaging: box 6 cava bottles 75cl & pack 3 cava magnums 150cl
  • Iberian peninsula: free shipping and delivery in two working days
  • International wine shipping by Cargowine: European Union, USA and Japan.

Cava Guilera Ecommerce – Cava Reserva and Gran Reserva


Buy long aging cava in the winery

  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm. Sunday and festive days: 10 am – 2 pm.
  • Packaging: box 6 cava bottles case and gift packs.

How to get to Cava Guilera by car – googlemaps

Cava Guilera. Farmhouse Ca l’Artigas 08739 Lavern Subirats. Penedès – Barcelona.

How to get to Cava Guilera by train – renfe time table

Train Renfe R4. Station Lavern Subirats. 10 minutes walk from the winery.


Wien shops near from Barcelona

  • Ask for our long aging cavas in your trusted wine shop.
  • Contact us to find your nearest wine store.



After conducting in-depth research, the expert in aromas and “Créateur d’Harmonies” François Chartier has published this ground-breaking scientific study. Chartier demonstrates that Cava is the best ally of gastronomy, and pairs perfectly with an infinity of flavours from around the world. Keep on reading…


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