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Fotografia obtinguda durant la verema 2018. Hi ha un remolc ple de raÔm xarel∑lo i una amantis perfectament col∑locada en primer pla.

Vintage notes 2018 at Cava Guilera

/// Guilera 1927 /// We save all the crop from the strong mildew _._

This 2018 it has been raining a lot! In Lavern Subirats we have already registered 800 l/m2 when the average is about 500 – 550 liters per year. This abundance has helped the vineyard to recover from the last two years of drought, which led to losses of up to 50%. Finally, the harvest 2018 has brought quality and quantity. However, 2018 has not been an easy year but extremely rare. Mildew has attacked with a special virulence due to the high rainfall registered during prefloration, flowering and settling of the grapes. In spite of everything, we were able to save the whole crop and we are absolutely happy!