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Isidre Guilera and Maria Sardà: Isidre Guilera made the first bottles of Cava Guilera in 1927, when he and María worked as sharecroppers in Can Batlle. There were a few bottles and they were self-taught; studying the books in the owner's library. Three years later, Isidre and María moved to the Ca l'Artigas farmhouse, becoming the owners. A risky but undoubtedly successful step, because in 2017 – 2018 we celebrated our 90th anniversary.

Pere Guilera and Maria Massana: Pere and Maria continued the family business: they grew cereals, had a farm, remodeled the winery and acquired machinery for the production of cava. They had two children: Pere and Assumpció. Pere studied agricultural technical engineering and in 1985 he took over the management of the cellars. During this period, Cava Guilera consolidated itself as a family winery specializing in the traditional production of long-aging cavas.

Pere Guilera and Nuria Rafecas: Pere committed himself to his winery and to the sector [[[ always ]]] with the same backbone: honesty and cooperation. He held positions of responsibility in various institutions such as the Cava Regulatory Council, the Cava Institute, Pimecava, Aecava, the Subirats Tourist Board and Cepvi, which is the organizer of the Congress on Art, Wine Landscape and Wine Tourism. Pere has been an inspiring man and is respected within the sector.

Jordi Guilera and Marta Guilera: In 2018 Pere assumed the presidency of Cava Guilera and handed over the executive management to his two children: Jordi and Marta. It is a change of cycle with a profile of continuity since Cava Guilera will continue to bet on long-aging cavas and sustainable cultural tourism. Consumption is a brush that draws the society of tomorrow. Enjoy us!

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Sustainable 100% rainfed vines bordering the Mediterranean; This is the DNA of the Penedès and of our cavas. Always with the xarel·lo as a flag, well accompanied by the macabeo and a touch of parellada. At Cava Guilera we want our cavas to reflect what was happening in the vineyard when the grapes were ripe. That is why there is no passage through wood: only grapes and time under the protection of the mothers.

At Cava Guilera we believe that cava needs time to become a Great Cava: we make around 30,000 bottles a year and we work with aging that ranges from 24 months to 13 years. All our cavas are smooth, versatile, gastronomic and elegant. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes in the mouth and fruity flavors that intensify over the years.

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Mediterranean [[[ PENEDÈS ]]] Montserrat: These are the coordinates of paradise for lovers of cava and wine. The Penedès is a mosaic of vineyards, forests, streams, industries and towns. A land of passage founded by the first peoples of the Mediterranean. A kaleidoscope of blues, greens and gleaming golds that requires the wisdom of a dialoguing spirit.

Here in the Penedès, wine tourism was born with the aim of balancing economic development and landscape conservation. In Cava Guilera we were clear that it was our path; because of the endless opportunities it offered us and because protecting and stimulating the cultural singularity of the Penedès is our destiny. In 2008 we wrote the project, in 2010 we presented it and in 2020… we continue!

At Cava Guilera we are committed to a model of cultural, integrated, imaginative and sustainable tourism. That it contributes to redistributing wealth and shows that another way of doing things is possible. Claiming and shielding –always– the free flow of daily life and the pleasure of living here; so that those who come to visit us can enjoy authentic experiences with great added value.