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MCRE: circular economy & sustainability

At Cava Guilera we have always been deeply sensitive and active with the conservation of landscape, in the winery and with the community as well. We are a small family-run cellar specialized in long aging cavas [and throughout our 90-year history] we have focused on quality, sustainability, reuse of materials, circular economy and commitment to our customers, visitors and friends.

The European Union encourages companies to include the circular economy in their production processes, and in this sense, we are happy to share a very important decision that we have taken this year: this 2021 our cavas have been made with concentrated rectified eco must / MCRE. This means that we have replaced the cane or beet sugar that we use during the bottling with grape sugar.

With this action we support our wine growers and take another step towards this new paradigm which is sustainability: we contribute to balancing supply and demand, we are committed to KM0 products and we help reduce the carbon footprint. Our vineyards are a dry cultivation and all the raw materials we use to make our cavas [grapes, sugar and yeast] come from the cava vineyards / circular economy.

MCRE is a commitment to the present and the future: we are moving towards sustainability, we are committed to our country’s agri-food industry and we are helping to create wealth and jobs. From Cava Guilera we want to congratulate all the institutions and cava cellars that have worked together to reach this new peak: some wineries have already made their cavas [vintage 2020] with grape sugar. Now more than ever, we must go on!