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New cava trilogy: Guilera Reserva!

New Cava Trilogy Guilera Reserva and flying poetry with Marta Guilera. We have created a new line of cavas reserva. They are more refreshing and adapted to the new times. If you feel curious, you can get them in our ecommerce, winery shop and wine shops. Enjoy the summer and many thanks!


This trilogy of reserva cavas [Brut Nature – Brut – Semi Seco] represents the thrill of the trip… That subtle mixture of excitement and nerves, in front of an adventure that is about to begin. Yes, it is the new Guilera Reserva! Our youngest white cava; with a traditional blend of xarel·lo, macabeu and parellada and a minimum of two years of aging in the bottle, with the lees. It is a fine cava, with clean aromas, of fresh fruit. In the mouth it is light and vibrant, and despite its relative youth, it has attitude and clear ideas. Ideal with the toast & appetiser moment, in order to break the ice and bring an ear-to-ear grin. And if it goes for dessert, the Guilera Semi Seco Reserva is a very good choice! At Cava Guilera we love to show the incredible versatility of cava but always based on a basic premise: all our aging cavas are elegant, digestive and healthy.


We have represented this energy through three young illustrators, with strong attitude and clear ideas as well. Each of them has focused on a different moment in the cava making process: The vineyard [[[ Ciara Quilty Harper ]]] the cellar [[[ Anna-Lina Mattar ]]] and the toast [[[ Paula Gallardo ]]]. Three neat and smart designs, like our cavas. And three modern and unique styles, like each of us. They share the same blank canvas: warm, porous and high quality. Because new beginnings are scary at times, but it is important to remember that we all have potential and a good base. As we say with our oldest cava Guilera Agosarat: Time allows such longed for to hatch [[[ ONLY ]]] when it is time. Be bold and believe [[[ SPECIALLY ]]] when you can not see!




Té un tren carregat d’idees fins a les orelles.
Té un campament base construït pedra a pedra.
Té un carro ple de diapositives i la pau de la feina feta.
Té la rèmora de la fatiga i mooooltes ganes de fotosíntesi.

La vida és un calidoscopi de miralls subtils i perspectives policromades…
Si sents que es fa de nit / no miris els fars de l’altre / segueix la teva línia blanca.
Si sents la força del moment ··· construeix les vies perquè el tren circuli com el vent.
Quan les expectatives implosionen, afloren noves combinacions. Desaferrar-se per veure.



Albert Pla – Transparente [[[ 2008 ]]]

DORIAN – Corta el aire [[[ 2006 ]]]