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Cava Guilera begins a new era…

In May 2020 we reactivated the Cava Guilera Blog. We did not update it for a while but the exceptionality of the moment made us realise that it was essential to communicate and reconnect. During these months we have talked about vineyards, new cavas and prestigious awards. And meanwhile, we have flown a little bit, too. Below you can read a compilation of the four chapters of the Flying poetry with Marta Guilera and the final outcome. Thank you very much, the Guilera team.


[[[ may 2020 · the flowering ]]]

My father told me once that the flower of the vine plant is not very spectacular. It doesn’t have to, he told me! Because the vine is self-pollinated and does not need to attract insects showing its most beautiful side. The story captivated me at the time and I thought it was a very clever behavior. It made me think of one of my trios & quartets of girls [[[ when cooler than anyone ]]] we congratulate ourselves.

Everything you give to yourself does not have to be supplied by other people… and that is really fine. Because as humans we are social to the core, but I think we should also strive to be more self-sufficient. Taking care of oneself is a responsibility and connecting with the inside is one of the most beautiful pleasures. Like most things that are worthwhile, it requires patience. And here is the value of time.

The flower of the vine plant is very discreet, true! But today I have enjoyed a delicious moment, courtesy of The discreetThe wind. A drizzle of green flowers… tiny and cute, like a pinypon of my time! But we are no longer in the eighties; we are in 2020. I think it is time to rethink the gaze and see beyond it. Remember that we all come with a serial brain, that thinking is free and that imagination is not in vain.




[[[ june 2020 · the solstice ]]]

At home we mostly celebrate Sant Pere. Because my father is named Pere and my grandfather was named Pere, too. Because we gather the whole family around a very long table. And because it is the Big Festivity of Lavern!!! The village that welcomed us, in 1930, thanks to my great-grandmother’s big bang moment. I think she was a visionary, because she proposed to buy the farmhouse where we are now.

All this happened 90 years ago. And 440 years before [[[ in 1490 ]]] our Tirant lo Blanc was born. Tirant lo Blanc is an atypical cavalry novel, written by the valencian knight & writer Joanot Martorell. It has transcended as one of the greatest European novels of all times and provides a different view of the hero – knight. Grandiloquent and vulnerable, respectful and ardent lover… A human hero, that’s all.

We are all fragile and beautiful, and sometimes I wonder myself if it’s precisely this fragility what makes us so special… Lately I feel that I feel more deeply; maybe because I just turned 40 and I already have a past! And maybe due to the confinement time as well. Either way, the thing is that I feel wrapped up in the beginning of time: The intangible does not die. Culture endures and takes care of us. Uncertainty is a blank sheet.




[[[ july 2020 · the maduration ]]]

She has a train crowded with new ideas.
She has a warm base camp built stone by stone.
She has a cart full of slides and feels in tune with the past.
She has the hindrance of fatigue and a great desire for photosynthesis.

Life is a kind of kaleidoscope of subtle mirrors and polychrome perspectives…
If you feel the nightfall / don’t look at the other’s headlights / follow your white line.
If you feel the force of the moment ··· build the tracks so that the train runs like the wind.
When expectations implode, new combinations emerge. Become detached to see!!!




[[[ august 2020 · the harvest ]]]

Pere Guilera is the vine man and the musivari harmony. But what about the wonder trio? If we were a cava, Jordi would be the xarel·lo grape, Miguel the yeasts and I would be the sugar. Xarel·lo is resistant, acid and sublime: When everything in the vineyard is twisted, it survives. In the cellar it is like a long – distance runner. And when the catharsis finally arrives, you feel grateful for your luck. Because they are the best; my brother Jordi and the xarel·lo grape are the very best. They can lead a traditional blend and they can also shine on their own: see the Guilera Agosarat and the sweetness of the last days and see the Guilera Xarel·la, so fabulous and absolutely smart & fresh!

Cava yeasts are unicellular fungi, come from grapes and are spectacular. Sequence shot GO GO GO: we add sugar and yeasts to the wine, we fill the bottles and send them to the cave underground, yeasts eat the sugar and turn it into carbonic and alcohol, yeasts die and become sediments-mother, sediments feed cava during the aging and move away when it is time for the bubbles to take flight. A fascinating journey, right? Without the yeasts, cava would not be. Without the fortuity of life, champagne would not be either. And without our shiny happy Miguel, so many things that are already [[[ still ]]] would not exist.

Sugar has an exciting story as well! Not only for its transformation into carbonic and alcohol but also for its origin. Until now, cava sugar came mostly from sugar cane. But in 2020, a study published 30 years ago has been revived: RCM – rectified concentrated must. The project proposes to use the sugar contained in the grapes instead of sugar cane and has the explicit support of both governments. It is so exciting!!! Because the problem of the surplus grape would be palliated, the uniqueness and the local production of cava would be stimulated and the importance of cooperating would be [[[ once again ]]] demonstrated.


The magical imaginary of cava blossoms with the bubble arrival. I think I will dedicate my life to this imaginary! But in my own way, like a libertarian satellite. It might sound like an oxymoron but no: satellite because I will always be at the service of a higher cause & libertarian because I have chosen this kind of life. As an intrepid and fizzy bubble that wants to hatch. As a sip of our boldest and sherry-flavoured cava, on a Sunday afternoon. After twelve years working at Cava Guilera [[[ I also ]]] get transformed. To be more free, authentic and true to my essence. As we say in Cava Guilera: Cava needs time to become a Great Cava. And people, too. Be brave to be yourself, the last will be the first.




[[[ november 2020 · hibernation ]]]

Pere Guilera
President of Cava Guilera

Jordi Guilera
Director of Cava Guilera
Responsible for the vineyard, cellar and accounting

Miguel Hileno
Representative of Cava Guilera
Responsible for communicacion and wine tourism

Marta Guilera
Shopkeeper of Cava Guilera
Responsible for reception ··· and ··· blank sheet!



Rimaires is a cultural association resident in Cava Guilera since 2012. Thank you very much for your joy and support: Aïda Rull [cofounder], Dani Márquez, Ruben DubJuggler, Franc Escofet, Front Foraster de Lavern and all our friends from The Big Family. 


Thank you very much for sharing these flying moments.
From now on I will only fly from Cava Guilera’s wine shop!
Hello little life. Hello time to pamper details. Happy All Saints Day.

flying poetry