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Friday Far Tecnohappy SEASON 1



Cultural festival between vineyards of the Penedès

Musical workshop, glass of cava and summer dinner.

  • Fridays 8, 15 and 22 July 2022
  • At 7:30 p.m. in Cava Guilera
  • With Cris : ]

The Rimaires launch a new cultural festival: Divendres Far Tecnohappy! The energy of this festival, which will have different variants, lies in the participation and collective creation. The boundaries between the stage and the audience are blurred, we flow together and have fun. This is the goal. Relaxing people, desire to have fun and tons of warmth. To start off on the right foot, we have chosen a TOP adventure companion. La Cris: versatile artist, absolutely magical cosmic elf and heart of shimmering light.


Trilogy of musical workshops, don't let the rhythm stop!

Auction families: cuxipandi friends, blood family, lovebirds in love... you.

La Cris defines herself as a musical artisan of pleasure and daring. I hear the beautiful in the infraordinary -he says. And we loved it!!! Because we Rimairess are also like that… We Rimairess see art and beauty everywhere and feel a force that forces us to always push forward. Every Friday he will come with his suitcase full of toys, electronic and analogue, and he will propose a different adventure. They will be intimate workshops of a maximum of 20-25 people, to promote a climate of warmth and harmony.



In this trilogy of musical workshops you can come with your family or with yourself to play as it has always been done. With the body itself and without shame. With others and with what appears in our day to day. Through traditional songs, body music and musical creation technologies, you will find yourself every day in a sound universe in which you can activate your ingenuity and enjoy who you are... even if you don't know who you are. The Chris: ]


La Cris performed at the Terracita Multicultural Rimaires in June 2016 and that same year, after her time on Rimaires, we could also see her on the La Voz program. He studied at the ESMuC school of music, turned down his place at Berklee University in Boston and focused on the study of respectful parenting and child development.

If you want to know her better, click here: @lacrisarts – instagram.


Summer dinner among vineyards

Rosé cava, cuqui pizzas and peach ice cream from Ordal.


  • Glass of cava Guilera Rosé Reserve
  • Cava / o / water – Biolord apple juice
  • Two cuqui pizzas from the Center of the Pla
  • Peach ice cream from Ordal Garcia Sirvent
  • If you are celiac, vegetarian or vegan, contact us!


Friday Far Tecnohappy SEASON 1

Small format cultural festival. Limited places, buy your ticket now!


  • Musical workshop that the rhythm does not stop! + glass of cava ~ €15 per person
  • Musical workshop that the rhythm does not stop! + summer dinner ~ €30 per person

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