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Guilera Rosé Reserva 2019

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Small family-run winery from Penedès founded in 1927

At Cava Guilera we only produce long aging cavas: Reserva and Gran Reserva. They are all graceful, harmonious, smart and versatile. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes on the palate and fruit-driven flavours that grow in intensity with the aging. Enjoy them eating or by the glass.



Brut Rosé Reserva

  • ECO
  • Sugar: Brut [8 gr/l.]
  • Aging: Reserva [vintage 2019]
  • Varieties: grenache and pinot noir
  • Vintage and disgorging on the back label
  • Conservation temperature: under 18ºC
  • Recommended service temperature: 4 – 5ºC
  • Alcohol 12% vol. Volume 75 cl. DO CAVA



Joyful cava and red berry fruit moment

It is our most cheerful and tempting cava, with lots of red fruit and a fine bubble that explodes sweetly in the mouth. It works by the glass, with the appetiser or an informal meal: pasta, pizza, barbecue. And of course, dessert! Nice chromatic pairings: prawns, tuna and salmon.



Joy Lighthouse

  • Ecological foil Vintacap Absolute Green Line
  • Cava label Joy Lighthouse



The Vintacap Absolute Green Line foils are ecological because they replace polyethylene derived from petroleum by polyethylene from sugar cane. They also use inks in water instead of solvents.



Let’s have fun!

This rosé cava is all the rage. We can say it louder but not clearer. We presented it the same day that we presented our wine tourism project. It was May 2010 and the truth is that we really like that these two moments go hand in hand. Because both pursue the same goal: relax, share and enjoy. Life can be really stressful and sometimes we worry about things that may not be so important. The Guilera Rosé was born to connect people with joy and reminds us that a more carefree mood could bring a little warmth to our daily life. It does not have to be Christmas or your birthday. If you have a blue, green or sunny day… don’t think it twice! Grab our cool and fizzy rosé and just enjoy.


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