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Gastrocava Terrace: wine bar and charming cava tasting

Cava Guilera & The Gastrocava Terrace is our way to enjoy the most festive side of cava. We have created some charming terraces among vineyards so that you can relax and share a special moment with your partner, friends, co-workers or family. We like to say that this is an oasis of tranquility among vineyards, just 10 minutes walk from the renfe train station and quite ideal if you feel like it…

  • A local appetiser with cava in our cosy terraces among vineyards?
  • A charming and relaxing cava tasting with the owners Pere & Marta?
  • A handmade memory game ikudif 5230-B made with cava materials?
  • A break to simply breathe and enjoy of our mediterranean landscapes?

We define the space as a rural, ecological and dryland garden. Vineyards, fig trees, pomegranates, the loquat, herbs and growing grass. With views of the mountain of Montserrat and fabulous sunsets when we open late. A great environment to unwind and connect, while discovering unique products: long aging cava [18 months up to 15 years] and local appetisers.



  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday and festive days: 10 am – 2 pm


  • Welcome to spontaneous life without previous reservation.
  • If you prefer, you can contact us before coming.


  • From Tuesday to Saturday: catalan, spanish and English.
  • Sunday: catalan and spanish. French: please contact us.


  • Renfe train station 10 minutes walk from the winery.
  • R4: Manresa – Sant Vicenç. Station: Lavern Subirats.


  • Pere and Marta, father and daughter, conduct all the tastings.
  • Presentation and conversation, next you enjoy on your own.


Express cava tasting

Break preconceived ideas and rediscover cava! Quick microtasting to make a first contact with our long aging cavas and find out what you like. Includes: 3 Reserva and Gran Reserva cavas. And if you feel comfortable and want to stay longer, ask for the gastrocava menu [cava and local appetisers] and enjoy calmly. Price: 5€ per person.

Versatile cava tasting 

We will taste three totally different cavas in order to show the great versatility of long aging cavas. They are all high quality cavas, perfect to accompany any moment of everyday life: make it shine! Includes: one traditional blend for cava, one monovarietal cava 100% xarel·lo, one joyful cava rosé and two local appetisers [cheese and chocolate]. Price: 15€ per person.

Contemplative cava tasting 

We will taste our top Gran Reserva cavas: Guilera Red Xarel·la 2014, Guilera Green Xarel·la 2012, Guilera Musivari 2007 and Guilera Agosarat 2006. All our Gran Reserva cavas have been awarded in prestigious competitions such as Vinari Awards and Decanter World Wine Awards. Includes: 4 Gran Reserva cavas Special Edition Great Vintages and 3 delicatessen cheeses. Price: 25€ per person.