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Guilera Magnum Agosarat 2006

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Sharing moment ··· [160 months] ··· magnum superior quality


  • Sugar: Brut Nature [no sugar addition]
  • Aging: Gran Reserva [160 months]
  • Varietaties: Xarel·lo – Macabeu – Parellada
  • Vintage: 2006
  • Disgorging date and vintage in the back label
  • Conservation under 18ºC. Service 6 – 8ºC
  • Alcohol 12% vol. Volume 150 cl.


9.68 points in Guia Vins Catalunya 2019 [vintage 2006]


Magnum superior quality, the perfect cava for the great occasions. We explore the limits of cava: velvet acidity, ripe fruit, smokiness, toasty notes and increasing sherry hints. Ideal with powerful flavours and deep conversations. This cava needs time.


Haute couture dress with inclusive braille Zekogram. The Zekogram braille is an absolutely innovative design element that was invented in Barcelona in 2013. Beyond the traditional system of reading and writing for blind people, inclusive braille Zekogram offers us an artistic experience. It plays with light, color, shape, texture and composition. And the result is a modern, aesthetic and accessible language for all. Guilera Musivari’s label won two Liderpack Awards 2016 and one World Packaging Award 2016.


The Vintacap – AGL folis are ecological because they replace polyethylene derived from petroleum by polyethylene from sugar cane. They also use inks in water instead of solvents.


Time allows such longed for to hatch –only– when it is time

It’s the hatch, the beginning of almost everything. When the sum becomes favorable and the optimum maturity is finally reached. Is the time to leap, take one more step! Because almost nothing happens suddenly and everything is a constant evolution. Agosarat –audacious– those who believe even when they can’t see.

Isidre Guilera made the first Cava Guilera bottles in 1927, when Maria Sardà and himself worked as farmers at Can Batlle. He was a self-taught man and made just a few bottles in secret. Three years later, Isidre and Maria bought the Ca l’Artigas farmhouse and became the owners. A very risky move indeed but one that proved to be a success, as we are now celebrating our 90th Anniversary.

Guilera AGOSARAT is a tribute to our great-grandparents Isidre Guilera and Maria Sardà. The result of a great harvest and even greater patience, this long aging cava expresses our very essence: intuition, experience, passion and resistance. Time allows such longed for to hatch -only- when it is time. Perseverance, faith and knowing when it has arrived! The moment.

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