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Guilera SHOP

Consumption is a brush that exemplifies tomorrow’s society. Have a taste of us!

There is a cava shop next to the winery where you will be able to buy all our cavas [[[ Reserva and Gran Reserva ]]]. We offer several packaging options: Case of six bottles, magnum box and gift packs. If you are interested, we can also ship cava to your home address: European Union, United States, Japan and Hong-Kong. Other destinations please email us.

Be sustainable and take the train! There is a renfe train station only 10 minutes walking from Cava Guilera: Renfe R4 Lavern Subirats. If you join the cultural and sustainable tourism and come by train, we will ship your cava order for free: only in the iberian peninsula, minimum six bottle case, delivery in two working days. Many thanks!