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Guilera 1927 Gastrocava

We have created some charming terraces among vineyards and a gastrocava billboard. It includes all our long aging cavas [[[ Reserva and Gran Reserva ]]] and a small selection of delicatessen appetisers. They are all singular and local products with great added value. Possibly they are as special as the producers behind… Beautiful, enthusiastic and socially responsible people who work [[[ and dream ]]] really hard.

Cava Guilera: Consumption is a brushstroke that exemplifies tomorrow’s society. Have a taste of us!


You can come whenever you want, during the opening hours. When you arrive, please go straight to the shop and you will be greeted by someone of the family. Read the billboard, choose your favourite craving and enjoy it by your own. Cava Guilera is not a bar but a small family-run winery. We focus on this idea in order to adjust expectations and to claim a point of authenticity as well. We think that sometimes less is more.

Cava Guilera: Breathe life and just let it flow… pleasure is often hidden in the most unexpected details. 


Be sustainable and take the train! There is a renfe train station only 10 minutes walking from Cava Guilera: Renfe R4 Lavern Subirats. If you join the cultural and sustainable tourism and come by train, we will ship your cava order for free: Only in the iberian peninsula, minimum six bottle case. In the renfe train station there is also an electric bike rental service: Enobicing Penedès – Bikemotions.

Cava Guilera: The Great Penedès is the green lung of Barcelona. Let’s make our best to keep it healthy and fit.