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At Cava Guilera we believe in the harmony of the whole: Cava needs time to become a Great Cava. And people, too. Nowadays we offer five experiences among vineyards: Shop, Gastrocava, Cavasfera Experience with Pere Guilera, Versatile as Cava with Marta Guilera and Subirats Bike & Taste. The first two promote the spontaneous life and the last three must be booked in advance.

At Cava Guilera we understand wine tourism as a sustainable way of conserving our Mediterranean landscapes [[[ and ]]] as a way of socialising and cultivating cava, too. All the experiences that we design are aimed at all kind of people and collectives. There is only one basic premise to fulfil: calm and respect. Consumption is a brush that exemplifies tomorrow’s society. Have a taste of us!




Guilera 1927 and you

How are we going to live with the covid? First of all [[[ WITHOUT FEAR ]]] and with great serenity and respect. At Cava Guilera we have always had a very special relationship over time: We wait up to thirteen years to launch a cava into the market and we try to receive all our visitors with great warmth and calm. Now more than ever we are going to continue promoting this way of doing things [[[with care and love]]] and we have implemented some special measures as well. Freedom means empathy and responsability. Let’s do it well! Please feel extremely welcomed and many thanks.


  • We clean the spaces with an approved disinfectant.
  • One customer inside the store at the same time.
  • All payments will be made by credit card.
  • Keep the safety distance of 1.5 metres.
  • We use mask and disinfectant gel.


  • We wash all the glasses with dishwasher, more than 60ºC.
  • The tour takes place outdoor: vineyards & cosy terraces.
  • If the weather allows it, we will do the tastings outdoors.
  • We have also reduced the capacity of the tasting room.


We think that the Rimaires Multicultural Terrace is more necessary than ever. We are readapting the format but we will not open until we finish the building work. If you want to be aware of everything, please suscribe to Cava Guilera’s newsletter. Thank you very much!