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Vineyard notes: Harvest 2019

/// Guilera 1927 /// Healthy vintage, with good acidity and quality _._

This year we have recovered a certain normality here in the Penedès. The weight of the harvest has been concentrated again during the month of September and the grapes have matured really well: a very healthy harvest, very good acidity and adequate alcohol content. Regarding the volume of grapes, we have obtained about 10,000 kg per hectare. Therefore, and summarizing, we could say that 2019 has been a very favorable year for the vineyard.

Spring has been cool, which has delayed flowering, which this year ended in mid-June. At the end of June and the beginning of July there was an episode of about ten hot days. Maybe we have reached 41ºC once! But the rest of the days we have stayed below 40ºC. Cool and humid nights that have favored the vine to recover from the water stress of the day and low rainfall until the end of the harvest [September 30]: 276 l/m2.

If we count the agricultural year [10/1/2018 – 9/30/2019] about 497 l/m2 have fallen, when the average annual rainfall is around 550 l/m2. This has affected the treatments, which this year have been minimal; low presence of mildew and a normal year for malura. We must also contemplate the incidence of the 2018 rains, which were very generous! Some 880 l/m2 fell, with which the land [this 2019] had very good reserves.