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The Cava is culture

Paisaje de secano del Penedès, con flores silvestres en primer plano y un camino que lleva a la caravana rimaires.

Happy New Year Poem 2022: Let’s give it shape, trust and faith.

  2021 of clay thick & dense   Let’s grab it with our hands and give it shape, trust & faith.   Because all is still rare, seems flowing to nowhere.   Now more than ever, please trust in yourself.   martaGR80 trust & faith   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Pere, Jordi and […]

Collage artístico con etiquetas de Cava Guilera. Efecto difuminado y estallido de colores mediterráneos.

Slow Life Cava: The best cava is the one you enjoy the most!

At Cava Guilera we belive that cava needs time to become a great cava. For this reason we only produce long aging cavas: Reserva and Gran Reserva. All our cavas are all graceful, harmonious, smart and versatile. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes on the palate and fruit-driven flavours that grow in intensity with […]

Autumn pairings: Gran Reserva cava, cheese and quince jelly _ recipe.

Our friend Patanàs gave us some quinces from Lleida and we decided to make quince jelly. We share my mother’s recipe in case anyone is encouraged… Be careful with the cooking time! If it is too short we will not get the desired texture and if it is too long it will be hard as […]

prooo …mMm… ooo Saint John 21

  Saint John: fireworks with cava! If you buy a case of 6 bottles in our cava ecommerce we will give you the kit of Saint John 21. It includes 1 hermetic cava stopper and a case of citrus flowers Simón – Coll: twelve bonbons of white chocolate filled with lemon that taste like a sorbet.  […]

pro …mMm… ooo SANTa JORDIna 21

We love SANTa JORDIna – Saint George! Because it is the celebration of love, culture, love for culture and the culture of love. I would fly endlessly among so sweet philosophy but [[[ TODAY ]]] I prefer to invoke the magic of pleasure and fantasy: rosé cava + chocolate + pankalia craftwork = how beautiful […]

Gastrocava: cava, tastings & appetisers!

Springtime is here and we want to welcome you to our charming terraces among vineyards! We have designed different outdoor spaces, very separated from each other, to ensure the safety and tranquility of all our visitors. We have also prepared a gastrocava billboard, which includes all our aging cavas by the glass and a small […]

MCRE: circular economy & sustainability

At Cava Guilera we have always been deeply sensitive and active with the conservation of landscape, in the winery and with the community as well. We are a small family-run cellar specialized in long aging cavas [and throughout our 90-year history] we have focused on quality, sustainability, reuse of materials, circular economy and commitment to […]

Vineyard: the vine man and the art of pruning

With the art of pruning we shape the vine plant: in order to work comfortably and so that the grapes ripen caressed by the wind and the sun. It also serves to regulate production: in Cava Guilera we are protected by the D.O. Cava and our vineyards are destined to make Superior Guard cavas. The […]

2020 last call: new year poem

2020 has been a year to forget or maybe to remember, it all depends on how you look at it: we are the post-covid era, future is a kind of blank sheet and [[[ of course ]]] we must keep playing. Social, economic and existential dilemmas proliferate like never before, and if we asked person […]

Cava Guilera begins a new era…

In May 2020 we reactivated the Cava Guilera Blog. We did not update it for a while but the exceptionality of the moment made us realise that it was essential to communicate and reconnect. During these months we have talked about vineyards, new cavas and prestigious awards. And meanwhile, we have flown a little bit, […]