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Slow Life Cava: the best cava is the one you like best!

Artistic collage with Cava Guilera labels. Blurred effect and burst of Mediterranean colors.

At Cava Guilera we believe that cava needs time to become a Great Cava. For this reason we only make long-aging cavas: Reserva and Gran Reserva. All our aging cavas are smooth, harmonious and elegant. With a fine bubble that delicately explodes in the mouth and toasted and fruity flavors that intensify with the years of aging.

Linear of bottles of Cava Guilera. Disruptive labels: artistic and colorful.



Types of cava: sugar, aging, grapes and versatility.

What is the best cava? Depends. At Cava Guilera we believe that the best cava is the one that you like the most. Do you like fresh, toasted, fruity, sherry cava? Cava is like a Never-ending story… let your imagination fly and enjoy. This is what cava exists for: ] Below we share four basic ideas so that you can get your bearings and know which cava you like best.


Cava and sugar: do you like your cava dry, kind or sweet?

  • Cava Brut Nature: the driest cava, without added sugar.
  • Cava Brut: the friendliest cava, with a subtle touch of sugar.
  • Semi Seco Cava: the sweetest cava, ideal for sweet palates.


Cava and aging: do you like fresh or full-bodied cava?

Reserve Cava

  • Fresh fruit and fine bubbles.
  • Tasty, refreshing and fun cavas.
  • Our reserve cavas are aged for 24 – 36 months.
  • The minimum aging established by the DO Cava for Reserva cavas is 18 months.

Grand Reserve Cava

  • Ripe fruit and even finer bubbles.
  • Elegant cavas, rich in nuances and very gastronomic.
  • Our Gran Reserva cavas are aged for 60 – 170 months.
  • The minimum aging established by the DO Cava for Gran Reserva cavas is 30 months.


Cava and grapes: what flavor do cava grapes have?

Traditional coupage of cava

  • Combination of 3 white grapes: xarel lo, macabeu and parellada.
  • A reserve cava with traditional coupage will give us citrus and fresh fruit.
  • A Gran Reserva cava will give us creaminess, ripe fruit, toasted and smoked.

Monovarietal 100% xarel lo

  • They are our most versatile cavas.
  • They have the elegance of a Gran Reserva cava.
  • And the freshness of the xarel lo grape, which has a high acidity.

rosé champagne

  • Combination of two black grapes: Grenache and Pinot Noir.
  • The pinot noir is finer and more intense and the grenache provides sweetness.
  • Together they give an explosion of red fruit, aromatic, refreshing and sweet.


Cava Guilera Rosé bottle with sunlit label headlight.    Detail of Cava Guilera Reserva bottles: brut nature, brut and semi-dry. Artistic labels with black and white illustration.    Detail of Cava Guilera Xarella bottles: Red and Green. Modern and colorful labels with the Ninfa del Cava illustration.


Cava and versatility: a cava for every occasion

breakfast with cava

For drinks or aperitif with cava

eat with cava

  • To eat, a Gran Reserva cava, any.
  • Our Gran Reserva cavas pair well with everything.
  • We like that you play and make your own combinations.

Even so, we can give you some indications…

Desserts with cava


Detail of Cava Guilera Gran Reserva bottles: brut nature and brut. Semicircular labels of intense yellow color.    Detail of Cava Guilera Great Harvest bottles. Musivari label with minimalist mosaic. Agosarat label with silver bigbang on salmon background. Both with Zekogram inclusive braille.


Cava Guilera Pink

It is our happiest and sweetest cava, with a lot of red fruit and fine bubbles that delicately explode in the mouth. Ideal for drinks, with an aperitif, during an informal meal [pasta, pizza, grill] and desserts. Special chromatic pairings: prawns, tuna and salmon.

Cava Guilera Reserve

It is the new trilogy Guilera Reserve. Our youngest white cavas; with a traditional coupage of xarel lo, macabeu and parellada and a minimum of two years of aging in the bottle, with the mothers. They are fine cavas, with very clean aromas of fresh fruit. On the palate… The Guilera Brut Nature Reserva is refreshing, the Guilera Brut Reserva is friendly and the Guilera Semi Seco Reserva is sweet. The first two are ideal for drinks and with an appetizer and the semi-dry one triumphs with desserts.

Cava Guilera Xarel·la Red

Monovarietal Cava 100% xarel lo : ] Our Xarel·la Red is fresh, fruity, modern and carefree. Fine and fun bubbles, delicate and gently candied aromas and a honeyed mid-palate, with hints of peach syrup. The Red Xarel·la is a great life! Versatile, sociable and cosmopolitan. Ideal terrace moment and can also accompany a great meal.

Cava Guilera Xarel·la Green

Single-varietal cava 100% xarel lo : ] Our Xarel·la Verde is fresh, elegant, fruity and sophisticated. Fine bubbles, delicate aromas, hints of green apple and citrus, persistence in the mouth and a bitter point. This Gran Reserva cava expresses the essence of the xarel lo grape and I would dare to say that it is our most versatile cava. Ideal for drinks, with an aperitif or to eat. And if the thing is about cheese, fish and seafood, the pleasure is guaranteed!

Cava Guilera Grand Reserve

It is the first Gran Reserva cava that we make. Fine and integrated bubble, ripe and toasted fruit, body and long aftertaste. At home we say that it is an all-rounder: because of its unbeatable quality-price ratio and because it goes with practically everything: baked fish, red meat, roasted vegetables, rice dishes and paellas, traditional, creative cuisine... It is an elegant, serious and easy cava. to understand. A classic! And it is already known that the classics have a special aura and never die.

Cava Guilera Musivari

It is our flagship cava, made with a selection of the best vintages. Its harmony and freshness stand out after the long aging process: ripe fruit, toasted notes, an ode to smoked foods, rich nuances, creaminess and a long aftertaste. Extremely smooth and delicate, this Gran Reserva cava is like a caress on the palate. Symbiosis of personality and versatility, it combines especially well with tasty and delicate dishes.

Cava Guilera AGOSARAT

It is our most daring cava, with it we explore the limits of cava: ] Grandiloquent aroma, honeyed acidity in the mouth and very ripe fruit. Figs, honey, smoked, toasted and sherry touches. It is a super cava Gran Reserva! Corpulent, orchestral, deep and different. Ideal with tasty and powerful dishes, deep conversations and moments of recollection. This cava wants time.


Pere Guilera together with his children Jordi and Marta, among vineyards.    Cava Guilera winery among golden autumn vineyards of Penedès.    Renfe train Lavern Subirats station. Renfe sign with cloudy sky in the background.


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How to get to Cava Guilera by car – googlemaps

Cava Guilera. Masia Ca l'Artigas 08739 Lavern Subirats. Penedès – Barcelona.

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Renfe R4 commuter trains. Lavern Subirats Station. 10 minutes walk from the winery.


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After extensive field work, the aroma specialist and “Créateur d'Harmonies” François Chartier has managed to carry out this fantastic scientific work for the first time in which he demonstrates that Cava is the best ally of gastronomy and combines perfection with an infinity of flavors of the world. Keep reading…


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