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Gastrocava: cava, tastings and appetizers between vineyards!

It's already spring in Cava Guilera and our charming little terraces await you! We have designed different spaces, very separated from each other, to guarantee the safety and tranquility of all our visitors. We also have a gastrocava list, which includes all our aging cavas by the glass and a small selection of appetizers. And with the desire to continue making cava culture, we have created four new tastings between vineyards: express, versatile, contemplative and gastrocava. The objective of the gastrocava proposal is to breathe life and let it flow: enjoy your cava moment, without frenzy!

At Cava Guilera we like diversity and sustainability. And in this sense, we are pleased to share two more news. On the one hand, we continue to move forward to welcome and embrace functional diversity: andWe have a toilet adapted for people with reduced mobility and we are very excited! We currently have a paved area and we would like you to help us improve the other spaces. And on the other hand, we continue to promote sustainable cultural tourism through the train station that we have ten minute walk: if you come by train we will send you the cava free of charge: minimum 6 bottles – Iberian Peninsula.

Pere and Marta Guilera, father and daughter, will welcome all visitors. To adapt to the needs and different lifestyles, we have created a dual reservation system: you can practice spontaneous living and you can also reserve a space. We open from Tuesday to Saturday [10 a.m. – 5 p.m.] and Sundays and holidays [10 a.m. – 2 p.m.], although we will always adapt to current regulations. We will communicate all the news through the usual channels: cavaguilera.com, newsletter and instagram of @cavaguilera. We really want to have people home again! If we do things right, everything will be fixed... Now more than ever, calm down and go ahead.


* Click me if you want more information about the proposal Guilera Gastrocava: cava, tastings and appetizers between vineyards. Thank you very much!

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